Efficient management of business center with Operation Support Cloud (OSC)

One system can manage operations in business center, an organization's buildings and equipment: for employees, clients and guests.

OSC is a cloud-based platform with easy and secure administration with focus on self-service and positive user experience — way that offers the best value to the building owner and users alike.

Access to facilities

OSC controls access to all facilities based on roles and permissions: entrance, office area, parking, gym, etc. Employees can assign access cards in user portal by themselves. So that no dedicated manager is needed.

Secure WiFi

With highly secure WPA2-Enterprise standard OSC delivers certificate-based authentication in the wireless network. Common SSID is provided for all companies in the business centre with dynamic VLANs. Easy and quick access will be delivered for guest network by just an invitation from employee.

BYOD and remote access via VPN

We pay maximum attention to security and simplicity. Using configuration profiles employees and contractors receive VPN access to designated areas of internal network.

Access to common resources

OSC provides RADIUS and LDAP authentication and authorization services. Administrator can easily provide access to shared folders on file server (NAS), to office printers and vending machines, etc.

Why OSC is unique?

OSC platform can seamlessly combine diverse systems into powerful control center with user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Full control in one system

Responsive web-application is fine working both on PC/Mac and on mobile/tablet. Application is always up-to-date and all new functions become available right after release.
Easy control and overview of the entire service portfolio is provided
User-friendly self-service portal for employees, clients and guests helps to cut time costs
Roles-based administration control makes management easy
Monitoring of usage and reports for manages are available at any time

Innovation and future

QR-codes open doors for guests
Smart notifications for any events
Booking for meeting rooms
Integrations with Workplace by Facebook, Office365, Google Suite and Active Directory

Flexible integrations

OSC kernel provides well-documented API for extensions
Two-way integration with popular payment systems
All sensitive data stores in secure module, as required by GDPR
Extensions support access to premises using QR-codes, NFC and Bluetooth

Future-proof architecture

OSC was initially designed as a set of micro-services around robust kernel. Modules may be started in several instances and even on different servers all over the world.

As a benefit, hybrid-cloud architecture provides best productivity and availability for critical tasks. Local cache eliminates any possible network failures between cloud application and local authorization unit.
Kernel API for new modules
Easy integration and expansion
100% accessibility
Stable and secure operations

Quick start

Contact us
Please fill the form on the bottom of the page or send us e-mail to info@infoss.cloud. Describe your problems, demands and wishes; provide us with some information about business centre and your company.
Select options and features
We contact you in a short time and offer recommended setup for OSC. You make your choice, select some new features or request extra options for existing ones if it is needed.
Wait for development (optional)
If you demand custom features then it requires some time for development and testing. When this part of project is done, we send you authentication unit, based on our VPNBox product, for on-site installation. After establishing secure connection between local authentication unit and cloud we fill database with initial data.
Ready to use!
After short training course your business center become ready to run modern and convenient services for employees, clients and guests. Operating costs will be significantly reduced!


Established in 2012
Founders have 20+ years experience in programming for security, finance and telecommunications
We have good knowledge in data analysis, process optimization and network security
Company has own server infrastructure in two data centers in Oslo